Shenzhen Wan Zhi machinery equipment LTD. is located in the forefront of reform and opening up, shenzhen baoan district ShaJing Town, is a production of metal mesh machine and metal mesh products and various kinds of non-standard equipment of high-tech companies.
A: numerical control equipment research and development design and production of CNC Angle protecting mesh machine,high-speed expanded metal mesh machine, CNC cutting machine, high-speed expanded metal mesh machine production line, non-standard equipment, rib-lath production equipment, expand mesh machine, flattening machine, CNC expanded metal mesh machine, razor wire machine, explosion suppression net machine, touch welding net machine, diamond netting machine; To undertake a variety of automatic control development, mold design, metal processing, etc.
B.Our factory can produce the main products are: all kinds of suspension silver mesh, nickel wire mesh, aluminum mesh, titanium wire mesh, nickel plated steel wire mesh, copper mesh, stainless steel net, lead wire mesh, mesh, nickel metal hydride batteries battery, heavy steel plate mesh, foot mesh, decorative wire mesh, connector, etc. Widely used in various manufacturing and assembly of the battery. Network building production base is located in Asia aluminum shandong chiping city, the main products are aluminum Meg mesh, rib-lath mesh, razor wire mesh, corner protecting mesh.
Shenzhen Wan Zhi machinery equipment LTD adhering to the "integrity, win-win, Thanksgiving" business philosophy, adhere to the "excellence, continuous improvement, to provide customers better products and services" quality policy, constantly improve production technology and quality requirements, continuously improve and perfect the enterprise internal management and after-sales service . We are always with high quality products, reasonable price, sincere service and look forward to your cooperation.

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